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'In the end the difference between long term success of any business
is down to the focus and motivation
of its people'

Peter Drucker
What people have said, here

Vondel Professional Development is a well-established training consultancy with a great reputation for delivering results oriented coaching and training events that enable people and organisations to fulfil their potential. To find out more about who we are, what we stand for, and who we work with we invite you to browse the tabs to the left of this page.

We are a networked company sitting at the heart of a select group of associates whose
expertise we are able to draw on whenever we need it.
We are a group of friends in constant
dialogue about our chosen profession, pushing the boundaries of what we know by learning
from one another; constantly looking for new ways to provide more value to our clients.

We guard our brand jealously, so we are only prepared to lend it to people whose technical
ability and interpersonal skills are matched by their integrity and passion for delivering
the best possible result. Our associates are creative, energetic and fun to be with.
We like them and we are pretty sure you will too!