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What people have said, here

Once the preserve of sport and the performing arts, coaching has quite rightly become
one of the hottest topics in professional development in recent years: quite rightly,
because the impact of effective coaching on performance can be remarkable.

The detail of the coach’s role is different in every situation but overall it is to help
an individual challenge themselves to exceed past expectations, identify the steps
that will take them there and give constructive feedback on progress, making
adjustments either to the target or the means of getting to it as necessary.


Whether you are looking for a coach to work with a managing director who needs
a sounding board outside the organisation, support an employee through the transition
into a new role, help someone identify a life direction or develop a specific skill
in a key team member, Vondel Professional Development can help you find the right
person for the job.

These are people with the maturity and professional experience to be able to relate
to most situations and the personality to support and challenge as required.

All assignments are set up with specific objectives and measures of success recorded
at the outset. Sessions may take place face to face or by telephone and are followed
up with notes and action points (normally within 24 hours of any intervention).

All coaches meet regularly with a supervisor on every assignment and delegates
are guaranteed confidentiality on all matters discussed.

Specific areas in which Vondel can assist are:

  • Regular coaching sessions for key members of your management team
  • 1:1 support in relation to specific performance issues
  • Acting as a sounding board in confidential or sensitive matters
  • Coaching support for team members tasked with new initiatives


The benefits you could expect to see within your organisation are:

  • Improvement in the focus and motivation of key individuals
  • New employees more quickly up to full productivity
  • Conflict more effectively resolved
  • A coaching style of management adopted in the teams of those being coached