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What people have said, here

Self awareness underpins all good decision making and communication in life.
It comes naturally only to a few with most of us spending a lifetime bouncing off
the walls of our capability and learning from mistakes.

The pace and pressure of modern business makes it an unforgiving place to learn
and many of us fail to achieve our potential because no-one has ever taught us
the thinking patterns and skills that enable us to use past failure as a stepping stone
to future success.

Sometimes even when self awareness is present, self expression lets us down,
leaving us frustrated by our inability to speak our or write down our thoughts
in a way that gets noticed.


At Vondel we have a team of consultants dedicated to supporting individuals
and teams who, though successful, still feel they could communicate better
and achieve more. Each has their own specialism and all are experienced
in a variety of different sectors.

Specific areas in which Vondel can assist are:

  • Personal effectiveness coaching and training using NLP, Hypnotherapy etc
  • Psychometric profiling using a range of instruments (MBTI, FIRO-B, DISC etc)
  • Effective Business Writing
  • Presentation Skills
  • Executive leadership coaching for key team members


The benefits you could expect to see within your organisation are:

  • More confident and motivated employees
  • More productive relationships
  • Better documents produced more quickly
  • Improved presentations