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'Again and again 'Initiative' tops
polls of the characteristics managers
most value in their workers: project
management skills are the rules
of the 'initiative' game'

Peter Hobbs, Director
Vondel Professional Development

What people have said, here

Projects often provide people their first taste of leadership where they need to display both
‘task’ skills (e.g. objective setting, planning and organising) and ‘people’ skills (e.g. motivating
and coaching). As they develop in the role they may also need a broader range of skills
to run their projects almost as stand alone businesses.

Many companies now see the quality of their project management as a major area
of competitive advantage. They are investing heavily to ensure they have the very best
skills and systems in place.


Vondel Professional Development can help your organisation develop
project skills and systems by:

  • training project managers
  • facilitating project definition and planning workshops
  • advising on project procedures
  • conducting learning reviews

Materials are always adapted to take account of your processes and culture as well as the
type of projects you undertake. Wherever possible, delegates are trained using live projects,
so that they leave workshops confident of being able to apply new skills in the future.


The benefits you could expect to see within your organisation are:

  • a greater percentage of projects being completed successfully
  • greater accuracy in planning time, resources and risk
  • more cost effective use of resources
  • reduced times to completion
  • greater motivation among project staff
  • more profit on commercial projects