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What people have said, here

Our core understanding is that everyone is on a unique journey through life and that
work provides the context for much of that journey. As individuals and as a business
will never be perfect but we, at Vondel, are committed always to striving towards
that goal. Our motivation is to help all those whose paths we cross proceed on their
journey better equipped and more confident than they were before they met us.
For this to be the case we believe:

Integrity must be at the heart of every relationship.
We will only act in a way that we would be happy for our children to observe.

Everyone is unique and will be treated as such. Every client, trainee, coachee,
associate and supplier will be listened to and have any legitimate concerns addressed
promptly and with a smile.

Learning must be made exciting. Only people who are excited by the possibilities
afforded by new skills will apply them back in the workplace. Even the driest subjects
can be brought to life when made relevant by an enthusiastic and inspiring teacher.

Every business relationship must be a partnership. We are looking to establish 
long term relationships with our clients and will only work with people who understand
collaboration and who share our determination to find win-win outcomes.

Our products and services will pay for themselves.
All our offerings will be designed either to increase revenue, reduce costs
or improve your competitive position. The fees we charge will be a just proportion
of the value we create.

There is always a way. We believe that creativity can unlock any problem 
or re-frame it as an opportunity.

‘Slow’ is often better. Quick fixes rarely survive long term and are often the seeds
of tomorrow’s problems. Long term changes in attitudes and behaviours take time
to embed, so we will never provide professional development without discussing
how changes can be supported until they become the new status quo.