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'We will never undertake
an assignment without first
understanding the improvement
you want to see and agreeing
how we can measure it'

Peter Hobbs and Sarah Barnes, Directors Vondel Professional Development

What people have said, here

If you are an effective training decision-maker you probably know that feeling
you get just before your selected provider runs their first event for you:
it's a
combination of the nervous excitement that precedes a first date and the gut-wrenching
knowledge that if it goes wrong there will be witnesses! No wonder so many play it safe,
sticking to trusted suppliers and working on personal recommendations.

But what if your circle of acquaintances cannot provide you with what you want,
leaving you stuck with
'very good' and 'I enjoyed it' when you really want 'excellent'
and 'this was a life-changing experience',?

Vondel Professional Development specialises in areas where we know we can deliver
real and lasting benefit. We don't pretend to cover the full spectrum of management
and personal skills training, but we believe that what we do offer will stand comparison
with the best in the market delivering real benefits to individuals and organisations.

For more detail on the specialist services we provide browse the topic headings
on the left of this page or go straight to the contact us tab above and give us a call.
Who knows, it could change the rest of your life!